Skins to bet


Good day dear friends, today I would like to touch a very popular theme in the world of computer games, in particular one of the most famous games – CS GO.

All have long known that a huge part of the audience of this game pays great attention not only to the game itself and viewing the game play but also its cosmetic component, namely the skins. This element has long been an integral part of the CS GO and a huge part of the audience finds in it an additional interest largely due skins gambling. Moreover skins already created an independent branch provided in the form of betting websites with games and bets skins, some prices can be up to ten thousand dollars. Such amounts, and a lot of people who want to get the skins to further turnover and gains on sale or as a cosmetic attribute of the game – just could not go unnoticed and many developers have rushed to make such sites and did it with varying degrees of success. These same sites are not regarded as gambling sites despite the fact that the skins are a type of cash equivalent (such as chips), and the basic principles of the game are almost identical to the standard roulette or wheel of luck. How to operate such sites, very simple – conductive basis was taken API Steam which indicates the action the cost of a skin in the future on the basis of this value, you can bet and play with percentages and play as good as never before any game could offer you. Since your bid has a direct impact on your chance of success, the main goal was to get and  hold biggest part of the whole bet(bet of all players), which would have allowed for a very high percentage of success among the other players. This strategy has only one weakness, as in this Roulette works the old rule – bets are done, no more bets, there is always the risk of being in the game with a man whose rate is significantly superior to yours, which, as you seemed to be sufficient for an easy victory. Thus it was possible to observe that in the top of the winners are usually one and same players that can interrupt its rate of any table. At the same time, the presence of such overprice and became the cause of the major players in the ladder, because every person, regardless of the dominant rate is a percentage that can be less than one tenth percent but still counted.

Every day we can see on that site the lucky ones who benefited from one to several thousand dollars having a chance at a rate of 0.2 percent, you are always have chance to hit the jackpot and people were betting for jackpot with low bets. Such a person, if he ever knew how much a principle of the ladder leaders could quickly get to the top list, competently using thereby Bank, who suddenly fell on his head.  In this way, one game – gave rise to the other people who did not have a lot of money, often enthusiastically played CS GO and by that time already disposes inventory which represented the very significant costs, so it was something to play. Many of these players have lost their stock, and many do not just multiplied it, but made a fortune on it. Even if you lose your skins, you will not lose the opportunity to play CS GO and do not lose money. Risk justifies the means, perhaps as never before. Try your luck and visit such CS GO betting websites.

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