ShahZam: “I’m sure we will go to the main stage of the major”

Complexity Gaming CS:GO player Shabzeb ShahZam Khan said he was confident that his team will enter the main stage of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. In an interview with, he also talked about preparing the squad for the tournament.

“Given our game at the bootcamp, I’m sure that we will go through the first stage of the major. This team has everything you need to earn the status of “legend”. Honestly, if we give all our best, we can defeat everyone. ”

ShahZam reported that the team had to completely rebuild after Rory dephh Jackson became captain.

“When we decided that dephh would become our new in-leader, we also abandoned almost everything we had before and rebuilt the team, including oBo. The presence of people playing in new positions, new systems on maps and new strategies – all this requires a lot of time for training, and this is what we did. We didn’t have a break, we trained all day here at the bootcamp in Germany. This bootcamp was the most productive that I had with Complexity, and I think this is largely due to our keita trainer. It really identifies our strengths and weaknesses on maps and helps us focus on specific things that we need to improve. I think we are almost ready for a major. “

On August 23, Complexity Gaming will start performing at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. 16 teams will compete for places in the next major stage – The New Legends Stage.


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