Sh1ro about the match against NAVI: “If we win – great, if we lose – there is nothing wrong”

Gambit Esports player Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov spoke about the problems the team is working on. In an interview with Maincast after defeating Cloud9 at ESL Pro League Season 13 in CS: GO, he also commented on the upcoming match against Natus Vincere.

According to sh1ro, Gambit’s poor performance on Overpass is due to testing a new attack style:

“We know what the problem is, we will fix it. We have been testing the attack for the last three matches so far, so it didn’t work very well, to be honest ”.

Sokolov noted that the team spent most of the time preparing for ESL Pro League Season 13 to return to form after the break.

“At first we got in shape, then we added several tactics on different maps. Then we got in shape, because after the weekend it fell. ”

Sh1ro admitted that sometimes Gambit gives up a few rounds at the end of the first half, which are later not enough to end the game in their favor. The team worked on this problem, but so far it has not been completely resolved.

“Yes, we are working, but now there were no officials – how many days we trained – we forget about it a little. Therefore, it turns out that 11: 4, but could have been 13: 2 ”.

In the next match, on March 21 at 14:00 Moscow time, Gambit will compete with NAVI. Sokolov noted that his team is ready to accept defeat, since it will not deprive the squad of the chances to leave the group.

“Let’s just play. If we win – great, if we lose – there is nothing wrong, we still have a chance to qualify from the group. We will try to come out from the first place ”.

Gambit Esports beat Cloud9 2: 1 – this is the second victory for the sh1ro team in the tournament. ESL Pro League Season 13 runs from March 8 to April 11. 24 teams compete for $ 750 thousand

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