Sellout boys!?


Sale of skins

Hello dear reader! I do not doubt that you’re an avid player of CS GO, and certainly in your inventory lying around a couple dozen things, but what does it mean? Most likely you already faced with the exchange of things and with the process of purchase / sale, the question is of interesting it to you or not, we are now analyze this question more closely.
Business of skins now occupies an important role in e-sports by performing several important functions among them – to popularize the game (all aware of the fact how much you can earn on the skins with proper actions), the high growth of constant turnover ingame objects (if we’re talking about CS GO’s is a major source of items is a marketplace where further skins come in a variety of exchangers), the formation of a prize fund of major tournaments (virtually every major tournament in a particular game is accompanied by the release of the case, chest, or simply for compliance with the style of the tournament and part of the proceeds from their sale goes to prize money, and as a result of the popularity of the tournament and the game as a whole is growing).
What does all this means? it means that everyone understood and realized the huge increase in investment in players ingame equipment and to understand how this can make a profit, no doubt a major player in this market – Valve themselves, the sales tax on the trading floor of 5-15% and the number of sales per day is just colossal. At the moment, and probably forever – Steam Market is the largest trading platform, but it does not mean that this is the most favorable place for the purchase / sale, here you will find exactly the fastest client for you, which is certainly also important. There are also alternatives to a simple market – a websites exchangers are somewhat more complicated, because you will have to carefully monitor the value of each item you are selling, and everyone on the exchanger asks a direct benefit to the exchange, which also complicates the process. Nevertheless, in each sales success and profit margin depends on you, because you conduct a dialogue with a potential buyer, and you set the price for its object, of course, you can hang a transcendental price tag and stay with your the goods for a long time, miss a good opportunity but squeeze out the subject is also the most important, and it is from this sum you ultimate success as an entrepreneur. Good luck with your beginnings, trade wisely!!!

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