Seized: “Hope next season is better than this.”

Former captain of the Cyber ​​Legacy CS: GO roster Denis seized Kostin summed up his personal results of the year. In a blog post on TwitLonger, he discussed the reasons for the failures of his lineups.

Seized said that at the beginning of the year he had a coronavirus. After that, he assembled a fbgaming roster with Dmitry jR Chervak ​​and other players from the CIS, which broke up after a failed performance in the qualifiers for the CIS Minor Championship – Rio 2020.

After that, seized received an offer from Cyber ​​Legacy. According to Kostin, despite good progress, the team failed to show a decent result at IEM New York Online 2020. As a result, problems with the club also influenced the breakup of the roster.

“Then I received an offer from the CyberLegacy organization to become the captain among young unknown players. I thought that this is what I need now and we started to work. When I came to the team, I realized that the guys do not even have a completely basic understanding of CS, thanks to the fact that XomA came to the organization with me, it helped me a lot so how to work with young people has become easier.”

«This is primarily due to the fact that, like all teams, I did not have a vacation in the summer and I have noticed for a long time, like many others, that after an intense season, a vacation is needed to return with a clean head, rested and infected to work. Since the team gathered in May, we decided not to take a vacation in the summer and all this time we trained. On top of this, problems were superimposed both in the game for our team and outside of it, as well as the alignment with the organization, in connection with which, unfortunately, for the last 1.5 months we had stagnation and there was no progress.»

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