Seized about the MIBR reshuffle: “I don’t really understand many of the decisions made by the club”

Cyber ​​Legacy CS: GO player Denis seized Kostin commented on the changes in the MIBR team. According to the cybersportsman, he does not understand the essence of many actions that the leadership of the Brazilian club has been taking lately. Kostin wrote about this on Twitter.

“After every change in the MIBR lineup, the question constantly arises in my head: ” Damn it, who is running this? To be honest, I don’t understand many decisions made by the club ”.

On October 22, the MIBR management announced the signing of a new coach for the CS: GO roster. The team’s mentor is a veteran of the Brazilian Counter-Strike scene – 35-year-old Rafael cogu Camargo. He previously played for MIBR between 2004 and 2008 and won the ESWC championship title with the team.

In September 2020, the management of MIBR transferred to the reserve Gabriel FalleN Toledo, Fernando fer Alvarenga and Epitasio TACO de Melo, who have long been the backbone of the squad. The club also left the club’s coach Ricardo dead Sinigaglia, who was caught using a camera bug in an official match. Because of this, the team lost qualifying points for the Major and a slot for IEM New York Online 2020.

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