SANJI about the sixth player in “We decided that we don’t need it yet”

The player of CS: GO roster Sanzhar SANJI Kuliev spoke about his team’s attitude to the new Valve rules. In an interview on VP’s page in VKontakte, he also speculated about the high results of other teams from the CIS.

“I think that everything will be fine with the CIS. This rise did not occur in a month. Spirit showed good results last year. They were just tired at some point, I guess. But they were gaining experience against tier-1 teams. “

SANJI said he is good at not allowing the coach to communicate with players during RMR tournament matches. According to him, the members themselves are asking their mentor Dastan dastan Akbaev to give less information in order to prepare for the LAN championships.

“Dastan says, but we have been trying to eradicate this for a long time, because we know that this will not happen on LAN. Yes, he can speak, but we think we will be playing LANs in the future, so we try to avoid that. “

Kuliev also said that VP had already considered the possibility of expanding the roster to six players. According to him, all the participants of the roster are ready to compete at the championships in full force.

“There was a discussion, but we decided that we don’t need it yet. We are all ready to play, no one gets tired. We can play the season. “


At the end of January, became the champion of cs_summit 7 – for the team this is the third title in a row. In the current rating of HLTV, the team ranks sixth.

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