S1mple wants to play a mobile game with NBK

Natus Vincere player Alexander s1mple Kostyliev suggested Nathan NBK (Team Vitality) fight in the Clash Royale. In response, Schmitt joked that at such a pace he would soon have to arrange a mobile game tournament among representatives of the professional CS:GO scene.

The conversation began with NBK, tweeting that “again hooked on Clash Royale.” Kostyliev wrote in the comments: “Come in, I will destroy you.” The mobile strategy player NAVI has been fond of more than a year – in 2018, he discussed rare cards with commentator Anders Anders Blum.

Earlier s1mple had a row with another representative of Team Vitality – apEX . The Frenchman called the opponent “the biggest fool in the world” and pointed out Kostylev’s unacceptable behavior on the server.

Clash Royale – a mobile strategy for two players. The main task in it is to destroy the base of the enemy. To do this, participants can call up units on the battlefield with the help of cards that are picked before the match. In February, an international tournament in this game was held in Dortmund, and in June it became one of the disciplines of the Russian championship.

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