S1mple seems to have been banned for the homophobic expression for fun

The possible reason for the ban of Alexandr s1mple Kostyliev on Twitch became known. According to a source cited by cybersports journalist Rod Slasher Breslau, the Ukrainian jokingly used a homophobic term in relation to his teammate for the match at the FACEIT Pro League.

The incident occurred at the end of July: during the FPL game, Kostylev talked with teammate Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov, with whom they play for Natus Vincere. Whether this is actually the cause of the ban is unknown. The club refused to comment on the situation with the s1mple channel blocking.

On August 13, the Kostylev channel on Twitch ceased to open. According to Slasher, the ban will last a week.

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