S1mple Receives Fourth Twitch Ban

Twitch has blocked the CS: GO channel of Natus Vincere sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev. This became known from Twitter StreamerBans.

How long the blocking will last is not reported. Kostylev described the reason for the ban on Twitter.

“It’s funny that I got a ban for aggression towards a person who uttered a bad word in order to deliberately provoke a ban of my channel on the platform, and I wanted to condemn him for this and uttered the forbidden word myself to show that I have a negative attitude towards it from – for the rules “.

This ban was the fourth for s1mple’s Twitch channel. The previous time his account was blocked on July 27. Previously, Kostylev criticized Twitch for its insufficiently transparent policy and prohibitions to express an opinion on the stream. He also stated that he was “tired of streaming on this terrible platform, constantly choosing the right words.”

V1lat about s1mple’s Twitch ban: “Turn on YouTube”

Maincast studio commentator Vitaly v1lat Volochay spoke about the new ban of Alexander’s s1mple Kostylev channel on Twitch. He offered the player of the Natus Vincere CS: GO roster to change the streaming platform and broadcast on YouTube. Volochay wrote about this on Twitter.

In the comments to Volochai’s post, users offered Kostylev another option – to leave to stream on the Huya platform, which recently became the official partner of the Ukrainian club. Cooperation between NAVI and Huya began on September 13 and is expected to last for two years.

On September 14, s1mple held the first stream on Huya, during which he answered questions from Chinese viewers with the help of a translator. At that time, more than 50 thousand people watched the channel.

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