S1mple on criticism from byali: “I don’t want to comment on the words of trash players”

Natus Vincere’s CS: GO sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev responded to criticism from the former Virtus.pro player Pavel byali Belinski. During the broadcast on Twitch, Kostylev said that he did not want to waste time on a showdown with the “trash players”.

On February 8, the forum HLTV posted a clip from Belinski’s broadcast and a translation of his words from Polish. The user wrote that byali wanted to play on the FPL, but saw Kostylev and left the matchmaking. The translation also indicated that Belinski called s1mple a “toxic bot,” so he didn’t want to play with it.

Later, byali noticed a discussion on the HLTV.org forum, posted a screenshot of the topic on Twitter, and asked users to stop posting nonsense.

“What is this topic? Stop already. S1mple knows I love him. “

On February 10, Kostylev launched a broadcast on Twitch, during which fans asked him to comment on the situation with byali.


“Actually, I don’t understand Polish, but it seems that he is afraid to play against me. If he really said something bad about me, then I don’t want to comment on the words of the garbage players, waste my time and energy on them. “


S1mple also advised Belinski not to miss the opportunity to play with stronger esports players.


“I don’t understand at all why byali opens her mouth and says something. He needs to play against the best players if he wants to be in good shape. There, CeRq, tarik, tabseN and k1to were in the queue for the match, and he just took it and poured. He made himself weak. I do not care that he said something about me as a person. You all saw on his stream how he rajit, how he shows his emotions. I’m not the kind of guy, I just play and train for myself. I’m not interested in this guy. “


On February 9, Belinski was banned from Twitch. This is the first blocking of an esportsman’s account on the platform.


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