S1mple: “Maybe soon I will join Hiko at 100 Thieves”

Natus Vincere CS: GO sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev tweeted that he can join the 100 Thieves roster by Valorant, in which his former teammate Spencer Hiko Martin plays. Social network users took his message as a joke.

S1mple wrote about this when answering a question about the best teammates. He first pointed out Denis electronic Sharipov, and after him – Hiko. Martin later accused Kostylev of “leaking” information about the 100 Thieves roster.

“The first one is electronic, considering its skill and the length of the game in one roster. The second is my bro Hiko because of skill and rapport. Perhaps I will soon join him at 100 Thieves. “

S1mple played with Hiko as part of Team Liquid from January to April 2016. During this period, the team took third place at the MLG Major Championship: Columbus and reached the final of ESL One Cologne 2016. Later, Kostylev moved to Natus Vincere.

Hiko has performed in the professional Counter-Strike scene since 2008. In June 2020, he announced his move to Valorant and joined 100 Thieves. On August 14, the club began to assemble a new roster around Martin and Nick nitr0 Cannella.

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