S1mple got banned from Twitch

Twitch has banned Alexander Kostylev’s s1mple channel. Information about this appeared on Twitter of the StreamerBans portal, which monitors blocking on the platform.

This is the third ban of Natus Vincere’s CS: GO channel. Previously, the broadcast of s1mple was unavailable for a week, the timing of the current ban is still unknown. Often for the third violation, Twitch issues a permanent ban.

Previously, Kostylev criticized Twitch for its insufficiently transparent policy and prohibitions to express an opinion on the stream. He also stated that he was “tired of streaming on this terrible platform, constantly choosing the right words.”

The channel of the former Natus Vincere player Daniil Zeus Teslenko on Twitch was also blocked. This information was posted on StreamerBans Twitter.

This is Zeus’ third Twitch channel block. The first e-sportsman received in April 2020, and the second – on June 20. Both times Zeus’ broadcast was unavailable for a week, the date of the current ban is still unknown.


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