S1mple: “CSPPA is such a useless theme”

Natus Vincere sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev shared his opinion about the CS: GO Professional Players Association (CSPPA). He believes that this organization is useless and there is a catch in it.

“CSPPA is such a useless topic. For you to understand, once a dude from the association agreed to talk to us in Katowice. We agreed with him in two days, and he does not come. My team doesn’t want to talk to this guy, because they seem to be using this, this whole topic. We come, wait 20 minutes, the dude is gone. And they decide something, come up with something, contact the players. That is why we, too, were opposed to posting voice communication. Because the last time one of the analysts, I won’t say his name, told me at the last BLAST in London that all voice communications are heard by analysts and other people in BLAST. That is, they hear every command, translate and know all the information completely. And then these analysts become coaches or managers of other teams. Of course, I am not saying that they are taking some information, but this is wrong, ugly. And the players wrote, apEX wrote to me that all teams agree to give them conditions so that communication is not recorded and sent to all random people.

And in general, how this CSPPA is involved – I do not understand. Now I will create my own group, a CS CIS association, all of you join there, there will be a million people, we will resolve issues. Well, really, they do some things, yes, cool, but as if there is a catch in some of these groups, as if something is wrong at all. ”

On December 8, before the start of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020, CSPPA announced that it did not provide TO access to cameras and team talks, allegedly due to the lack of guarantees of data safety.

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