S1mple banned on Twitch

Member of the Natus Vincere CS:GO roster, Alexandr s1mple Kostyliev, got a block on the Twitch streaming service. For what reason his channel was banned – is unknown.

As of August 13, the channel of the Ukrainian e-sportsman is being tracked by more than 935 thousand people, and the number of views exceeds 28 million. According to these indicators, it takes 105th and 453rd places, respectively, among all Twitch streamers.

Over the past month, the platform has blocked many representatives of the gaming and e-sports community, including Victor GodHunt Volkov, Andrei Dread Golubev and Swedish content maker Anomaly. Among Russian-language streamers, the most common reason for blocking is the so-called forbidden words. The term of bans is usually 30 days, and in case of three violations the channel can be closed forever.

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