S1mple about the situation in the USA: “Every time I see violence, I get angry”

CS:GO sniper of team Natus Vincere, Alexander s1mple Kostylev, said he was angry when he saw violence. He admitted that at such moments he was reassured only by the thought that everyone would get what they deserved. On Twitter, Kostylev also reminded US protesters about the dangers of coronavirus.

“Every time I see violence, I get angry, very very angry. Soothing in such moments only that which one way or another will get what it deserves. People participating in the protests, do not forget about the coronavirus, which also walks the streets. Be careful”.

On May 25, African-American George Floyd of Minneapolis died in the process of being detained. The incident caused a riot in the city, after which four police officers were fired, and one of them was charged with murder through negligence.

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