S0tF1k: “Teams from the CIS and Denmark train more than others – success would come sooner or later”

Team Spirit assistant coach Dmitry S0tF1k Forostyanko explained the success of the CIS teams on the CS: GO competitive scene. In an interview with Metaratings, he also spoke about the breakup of ESPADA’s roster.

The previous roster, S0tF1k, was disbanded in January 2021. According to Forostyanko, this happened due to the lack of funds for the maintenance of the team, taking into account its results.

“We were told in advance that the project would not pull our team’s requests, since they honestly wanted to reward us for our results. ESPADA tried to find a good organization to sell the squad. There was an option with one good organization from the CIS, but they made a choice in favor of foreigners. In the end, when we were informed about the disband, it was not a big surprise for us. ”

According to S0tF1k, the recent successes of the CIS teams are due to the high competition in the region and the hard work of the teams on their game:

“This was expected as competition in the region began to grow. In my subjective opinion, the CIS and Danish teams train more than others, so success would come sooner or later. It was only a matter of time. As for the strongest team, the answer is obvious – Gambit Esports. ”

S0tF1k has been performing on the professional CS: GO scene since 2015. He represented ESPADA from December 2019 until the breakup of the roster. In March 2021, Forostyanko took the position of assistant coach in Team Spirit, for which he played in 2016-2019.

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