Russian player received a VAC ban during qualifiers for IEM New York Online 2020

Russian player Nikita LostDF Babalykov from the Baclerbi team received a VAC-ban during the second open qualifiers at IEM New York Online 2020 in CS: GO. As reported in the group on VKontakte, the blocking occurred directly during the official match.

In the comments to the post, it was suggested that the blocking could be erroneous due to a malfunction in the Valve Anti-Cheat program. Several users indicated that at the same time as LostDF, many other players who had never used prohibited software were banned. However, most people still believe that the Russian esportsman received his punishment deservedly.

Babalykov has been performing on the semi-professional stage for several years. He could be seen in the lineups of many Russian mixes together with Dmitry S0tF1k Forostyanko, Dmitry Dima Bandurka, Vladislav arch Svistov, Nikita WaterfaLLZ Matveev and other players.

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