RuHub Studio will broadcast the CS: GO series of HomeSweetHome tournaments

RuHub partnered with the CS: GO series of HomeSweetHome online tournaments. The studio will cover the competition in Russian-language broadcasts. The organizers also named two more participants and a new start date for the championship. and BIG joined the team list. Earlier invitations were accepted by forZe, North and GODSENT. In total, 16 teams will perform at a series of tournaments.

The first of eight championships will begin on April 7th. 16 teams will play in groups according to the GSL system. The best teams of the first stage will go to the playoffs with a single-elimination format grid. The prize fund will be $ 40 thousand: the winner will receive $ 30 thousand, and the second finalist will take the remaining $ 10 thousand.

The remaining tournaments are planned to be held in the same format. In addition, the organizers of HomeSweetHome are going to arrange a final championship with a separate prize pool for winners of previous competitions.


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