Ropz about the situation with Chaos: “I lost hope and desire to play when I was accused of cheating in the same way”

Mousesports player Robin ropz Kohl has spoken about cheating charges against Chaos members. On Twitter, he said that under such pressure in the past he had lost the desire to return to CS: GO, and also asked his fans to criticize less about e-sportsmen in such situations.

“I lost hope and desire to play when they accused me of cheating in the same way. This situation is simply impossible to somehow fix, I was helpless. Only time will tell who was right. Don’t blame it just like that – especially cybersportsmen. If you think that the player whom the professionals accuse of cheating feels only better, just shut your bad mouth. ”

Prior to joining ropz with mousesports, CS: GO fans often accused him of using cheats. At that time, he played at FACEIT and online tournaments, so he could not prove the opposite.


Previously, Chaos players were accused of cheating on cs_summit 6. After the victory of the team over MIBR and Team One, Gabriel FalleN Toledo pointed out several suspicious moments in the games of the team. Later, streamers and CS: GO fans began to sort these highlights – the tournament organizers did not comment on the situation.

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