Richard Lewis: “Valve believes the VAC banned account was controlled by Jamppi”

Journalist Richard Lewis said that Valve has confirmed information that Elias Jamppi Olkkonen received a VAC ban absolutely deservedly. According to Lewis, representatives of the company told him about this.

Richard Lewis:
“After my comments on the state of the competitive scene, Valve contacted me. One of the topics we discussed was the issue with Jamppi. Valve is confident that the account that received the VAC ban was controlled by them. Obviously, the company cannot provide other details. I will definitely work to ensure that such facts become public knowledge. Moreover, some players urged the CSPPA to start work on canceling the ban based on the possible inaccuracy of the information that Valve possesses. “

Jamppi received a VAC ban in 2015. According to the player, he gave the account to a friend during a LAN party, and he used cheats. The esportsman decided to sue Valve in March 2020. Olkkonen insists that at the time of the violation, the account did not belong to him, and Valve’s decision made it impossible for him to join OG. Finn went to court, but they said they did not have jurisdiction in this case.

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