Richard Lewis: “Ban forZe from participating in tournaments”

Cybersport journalist Richard Lewis commented on the news of the appointment of Alexander MechanoGun Bogatyrev (zoneR) as a teacher at forZe. According to the Briton, the Russian organization must prove that zoneR does not work with the main CS: GO team.

“I believe that since forZe ignored ESIC’s decision, the commission should reciprocate. I propose to remove forZe from all tournaments until she can prove that zoneR is not working with the first team. “

Bogatyrev was banned by the International Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) in September 2020 for using a bug with an overview on the map. MechanoGun was banned from participating in tournaments for three years. On October 24, it became known that the Russian was appointed to the position of a teacher at the forZe e-sports school.

Representatives of the forZe organization responded to the statement of journalist Richard Lewis to Alexander MechanoGun Bogatyrev (zoneR). They asked Lewis to re-read the entry about Bogatyrev’s responsibilities and reminded that Sergey lmbt Bezhanov is the coach of the CS: GO roster, and Anatoly liTTle Yashin is the analyst.


“1. We have an lmbt trainer and a liTTle analyst working with our core roster.
2. Try again to read our statement about Bogatyrev’s responsibilities.
3. And one more thing. If you suspect him of working with our main team – (link to the definition of “presumption of innocence”)

This was the first and last answer to you after all the insults. “

Cooperation forZe and zoneR became known on October 23rd. Members of the esports community reacted negatively to this announcement due to the fact that Bogatyrev had previously been caught using a bug with a coaching camera in CS: GO tournament matches.


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