Reddit user calculates who is the best CS player of the decade

Who is the best Counter-Strike player of the decade? Reddit reader diisiqueira tried to figure this out based on HLTV rankings from 2010-2019. – for this he used the approach used in Formula 1.

The rating of the forum reader took into account only those who, according to the results of the last ten years, were in the top 10 players according to HLTV. For the tenth place, one point was awarded, and for the first – 25. Moreover, in 2010-2011. named the best in Counter-Strike 1.6, in 2012 it did not make a rating, and the rest of the years belong to CS: GO.

According to the results of the calculations, Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund was the best with 86 points (two first places, 11th and 18th). The second was Nikolay device Ridts, the third was Alexander s1mple Kostylev, the sixth was Yegor markeloff Markelov, and the ninth was Philip NEO Kubski. The full version of the rating can be found here.


Top 20 user ratings:

1.GeT_RiGhT (86);
2.device (73);
3.s1mple (59);
4.coldzera (51);
5.f0rest (48);
6.markeloff (40);
7.Snax (34);
8.NiKo (33);
9.NEO (31);
10-11. flusha (29);
10-11. olofmeister (29);
12-13. trace (27);
12-13. shox (27);
14.FalleN (26);
15.ZywOo (25);
16.kennyS (22);
17.GuardiaN (21);
18.electronic (20);
19.Magisk (16);
20-22. JJW (15);
20-22. pashaBiceps (15);
20-22. fer (15).

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