Quantum Bellator CEO Speaks Out Criticism From Former QBF Players

The CEO of the e-sports club Quantum Bellator commented on the information about the debts to the former players of the QBF CS: GO roster. In the official group of the organization on VKontakte, he noted that when moving to the Winstrike Team, the team should have received all the funds due to it.

Konstantin Kopyltsov:
“Over the past few days, after the announcement of our new CS: GO roster, we began to receive many messages asking us to comment on the situation with the players of the previous Quantum Bellator roster.

The CEOs of QBF and Winstrike organizations agreed in 2018 that the roster will move from one organization to another on individual, commercial terms, under which the players received money, including for stickers. If the former players have evidence of any pending commitments on the part of the organization, let them provide them.

Any other information based on rumors and lies does not reflect reality, as well as the attitude of the organization towards our players. In case of further dissemination of false information on the part of former players, measures of legal influence will be applied to them within the framework of the country’s legislation. “

For the first time, possible problems in the Quantum Bellator Fire became known in July 2019. Then the former member of the roster Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov said that during his performance for QBF, $ 95 thousand were stolen from his team. Later, another member of the roster, Savely jmqa Bragin, confirmed his words.

In February, Quantum Bellator Fire signed a new CS: GO roster with five Danes joining the organization. Against this background, former QBF member Aurimas Kvik Kvakshis expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the players continue to cooperate with the club, despite a number of negative facts from the past, including stolen money and blackmail.

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