Qikert: “YEKINDAR is the best thing that could happen to us when Buster took a break”

Alexey Qikert Golubev praised the skills of rookie Virtus.pro roster CS: GO Mareks YEKINDAR Galinskis. In an interview for the team channel, the player also explained how the team was affected by the change in roster.

According to Qikert, Virtus.pro began to train more after the arrival of YEKINDAR. Golubev added that thanks to the temporary replacement, the team took a fresh look at their game.

Qikert: “If you look at the latest results, then yes, we are on the rise. I think this is more due to the fact that we have a new player – YEKINDAR. Because of this, freshness appeared. We began to train more, penetrate more into the game, discuss more. I think when a new player arrives, it always happens at first.

I would not say that [in the moral component] something has changed. We just started to relate to the game in a new way. When a new player arrives, you begin to explain new things to him and remember these things yourself. It turns out that drive appears on enthusiasm. When you start winning victories over and over again, confidence builds up and you play better and better, as happened on BLAST. ”

Qikert stated that YEKINDAR excels in all aspects of competitive CS: GO.

Qikert:YEKINDAR is the best thing that could happen to us during the period when Timur [Buster] took a rest. Besides the fact that he is good individually, he is very good in all other aspects of the game – in communication, teamplay, understanding of the game. As a teammate, he is very good. ”

YEKINDAR joined Virtus.pro in late May. In the team, he replaced Timur Buster Tulepov, who temporarily switched to inactive.

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