Qikert: “Virtus.pro is easier to play against European teams”

The player of Virtus.pro CS: GO roster Alexey Qikert Golubev told why it is easier for the team to play against the Europeans than against the teams from the CIS. In a video on the club channel, he stated that e-sportsmen from Europe follow the same strategies.

“Judging by the results, it’s easier for us to play against European teams. In general, it depends on the team, but mostly it’s easier to play against the Europeans. In the CIS, we are well known, and we know well the teams from the CIS. There is always a “swing”, but against the Europeans everything is the same plus or minus. They do the same thing all the time, nothing changes. ”

Qikert explained why Virtus.pro is not adding a sixth player to the team. Golubev’s teammate Timur buster Tulepov also spoke about this. Buster stated that LAN tournaments will start again soon, where there is no possibility to use a six-player formation.

“We thought about the sixth player, but agreed that we don’t need him now. Mostly it is needed when you burn out and cannot play all year round. We are all young, we don’t burn out, we don’t need it ”.

On April 12, the Parimatch esports podcast was released, where the sniper VP Jami Jame Ali said that earlier in the team at different times they discussed the possibility of excluding each member of the CS: GO roster. He mentioned this during the discussion of the speech of Sanzhar SANJI Kuliyev.

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