Qikert on the results of 2019: “I am 60-60% satisfied with the result”


CS: GO roster Virtus.pro player Alexey Qikert Golubev summed up the results of the year for the team. In an interview with gameinside.ua, he also explained on the basis of what factors the team chooses in which tournaments to participate.

About choosing tournaments

“First of all, we select tournaments, probably by the prize pool. I would even say which teams are involved there. Majors are S-events, some IEM Katowice is a tier-1 tournament, some BLAST is a tier-2, tier-3. Basically, we choose depending on which teams participate there and what prize pool, which company does this tournament. Let’s say IEM for us is Tier-1, BLAST is Tier-1, even the same EPICENTER is Tier-1. So we choose more by the tournament organizer. ”


About the results of the year

“Maybe the year didn’t end the way we wanted, but I can say that due to the fact that we moved to Virtus.pro, we got to the final of the major, we won BLAST, we also won some medium, small LANs before that -tournaments, I believe that the year was good, productive, but not completely. I am 60-70 percent satisfied with the result, and due to the fact that we have a new organization, 80-90 percent. ”

Virtus.pro signed the AVANGAR roster for CS: GO on December 16th. The final tournament in 2019 for the team was EPICENTER 2019. Virtus.pro took 7-8th place and did not qualify for the playoffs of the championship.

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