Qikert: “At Flashpoint, we adapted well to our rivals”

Virtus.pro player Alexey Qikert Golubev commented on the team’s latest results, including the victory at Flashpoint Season 2 in CS: GO. In an interview with the team portal, he also explained what problems the squad has.

According to Qikert, Virtus.pro has achieved great results thanks to the preparation of many different rounds. This allows the team to effectively resist the ideas of opponents. At the same time, one of the most important components of any VP victory is psychology.

“We just added some things, a lot of rounds. We can say that for each map we have any tool that is needed in an official match. Relatively speaking, if a team plays a certain style, we have counter-strategies. That’s all we have added. Counter-rounds, counter-styles. We are just good at countering opponents.

Psychology is probably even the basis of what we win. The fact that we can lose the first map to the salad or lose, as usual, our pick, but then we get together and play like real Virtus.pro, and it doesn’t matter if we lose with the score 2-13, 3-12, roughly speaking, we are very we are playing hard for the rest of the time. “

Golubev said that one of the main problems of Virtus.pro is the difficulties with adaptation from the very beginning of the match, but they were avoided at Flashpoint Season 2. However, the squad could have performed even better if the players hadn’t started to get tired by the end of the year.

“I even think that it would have been easier to play this tournament when we had just fully gathered with this line-up, with Timur, Marek. You could see how we won 2-0 at the beginning of everyone and in the middle of this path we already started 2-1 and it turned out that we started to burn out a little bit. We played a lot, we also practiced a lot, and in the end we already started playing a little less than 100%. Some games were 100%, some 90%, it was somehow random. In the beginning it was clear how well we played.

But at the expense of Flashpoint: before it we didn’t play much with teams from tier-1, we won Na’Vi only 2 times, we also won Spirit, also a very strong team, also tier-1. And then we start playing against OG, BIG, fnatic. Here, too, there was an adaptation process, you need to get used to even stronger rivals and here you need to immediately turn on, because if you do not do this, then you will simply be devoured. During Flashpoint, I think we adapted well. And it was rare that we did not immediately turn on. There was a very revealing game against OG. In the group we lost to them 1-2. We didn’t feel the game at all then. After this match we started to play very well. We won against BIG and fnatic, against the Swedes, by the way I really liked the game. And in the end, in the final, we already beat OG. “

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