Qikert about AdreN: “It’s like playing with a war veteran”

Alexey Qikert Golubev from the AVANGAR CS:GO squad told how the newcomer Dauren AdreN Kystaubaev adapted in the team. In an interview with HLTV.org, he also explained how players distribute team coordination responsibilities.

According to Golubev, the experience of AdreN is in the hands of AVANGAR:

“It’s like you are playing with a war veteran, with someone who has a lot of matches, a major victory and the title of MVP. He brings a lot of new things to the team, evaluates the quality of the rounds, offers his ideas. AdreN helps young team members become better. Individually, he is also very good, one of the best players with pistols and rifles. ”

Qikert noted that the team has several game coordinators: he and Ali Jame Jami alternately perform this role:

“In the game, I and Jame call. Jami is the main in-leader, I am the second. He calls at the beginning of the rounds, and I call in the middle, but it happens that Jame does that too. From time to time, we change, but basically 60-70% of the time the strategy is voiced by Jame, and I – 30-40%. AdreN focuses on his game so that he can bet headshots and drag. ”

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