Qi Banja Luka organizers lowered prize pool due to refusal to participate in top teams

The organizers of the Qi Banja Luka CS: GO tournament announced that they had reduced the prize pool of the final part to $ 35 thousand and will hold the competition in two days. This decision was made after part of the teams, which, according to administrators, are among the top thirty, refused to participate in the championship.

Invitations to another tournament, which will be held on the same dates, were called the reason for the refusal of the teams. From December 12 to 15, three championships will take place – cs_summit 5, DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 and Qi Banja Luka.

The number of participants also decreased to four. The tournament will now feature pro100, the former Aristocracy, Sharks Esports and ex-BLUEJAYS. The winner will receive $ 30 thousand, and the finalist – $ 5 thousand.

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