Psychologist Natus Vincere: “When everyone in the team gives all the best, the whole body feels good”

Psychologist Natus Vincere described how CS: GO team leadership is shared. In an interview with HLTV, he also noted that everyone in the team is helping Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov grow as a game leader.

“As for leadership, we have s1mple in our roster, a very determined and hardworking person who never lets others relax. He tries to keep everyone in good shape and make sure that everyone gives all their strength to achieve success. This is about his influence on the team as a captain.

As for the development of BoombI4 as a game coordinator and leader, I think that this decision was made after his work with B1ad3 and himself. He understood that the lack of experience can be compensated for only by one – perseverance. And when the team sees how much the person is trying, how much effort he puts into something and how much he is involved in the process, then everyone is happy to support him and help, as they see that he does not allow himself to relax. So I think the key is dedication. When everything in the team, and not just BoombI4, is laid out, then the whole body feels good. ”


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