Pronax: “I am again forced to go to a psychiatric hospital. Please, help”

Former professional CS:GO player Marcus pronax Wolsten left a strange tweet. He asked the community for help, as they allegedly want to send him for treatment to a psychiatric hospital. He wrote about this on Twitter.

According to Wolsten, he was slandered by colleagues from the company so that he could not write a statement to the police. Pronax did not specify which company it was talking about. Presumably, he is talking about the esports organization GODSENT, in which he holds one of the management positions.


“I need help in Malmö. People in my company lie about me, and again they force me to go to a mental hospital. Please, help.

Tomorrow, upon arrival in Stockholm, I was going to go to the police, but I was sent to the clinic. They did the same to me last year because my colleagues and family members knew about my desire to apply. ”

Pronax did not write any details about the incident, other than being held in the municipal emergency psychiatric hospital in Malmö. Judging by the comments on pronax’s post, many fans of the esports player and community members are worried about the situation and are interested in how they can help him.

Pronax is a professional CS 1.6 and CS: GO player, a three-time Major Champion from Valve with Fnatic. He ended his career in 2018 focusing on running the esports organization GODSENT, of which he is a co-owner.

Former professional CS: GO player Markus pronax Wolsten said that he had left a psychiatric hospital where colleagues and family members allegedly wanted to force him to lie down. The Swedish esportsman tweeted about this. He also promised to tell “his story” about what happened.

“It was a very nervous night, but I left the mental hospital and will soon tell everyone my story. Thanks to real friends. “

On August 24, Wolsten asked the community for help and said that they wanted to force him to go to the mental hospital in Malmö so that he could not write a statement to the police. According to the Swede, this is being deceived by his colleagues in the company, who slandered him. The former e-sportsman did not give details about the conflict, but he mentioned that they did the same with him last year.

“I have long suspected that my colleagues were trying to get me out of the company. For about nine months, I asked to be put on the board of directors, but I was constantly faced with all kinds of excuses. This was supposed to happen on August 27 in Stockholm.

My colleagues knew that I wanted to contact the police about a situation that they probably had nothing to do with. In response, they filed an application against me. Now my colleagues say that they will publish their position if I don’t stop tweeting these messages. “


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