Players’ union unveils CS: GO teams ranking – first place Evil Geniuses

The CS: GO Players’ Union (CSPPA) has presented its version of the ranking of professional teams. It was announced by Jordan n0thing Gilbert, and the methodology was developed by Lucas gla1ve Rossander, Jonathan EliGE Jablonovski, Marco Snappi Pfeiffer, Martin STYKO Stick and other esportsmen.

According to the announcement, in developing the rating calculation methodology, the union pursued three main goals:

Promote an appropriate working environment for players. CSPPA representatives noted that the current rating systems encourage teams to play as many matches and tournaments as possible, while they do not provide “protection” in cases where rosters or individual esports players do not attend events due to health problems, burnout, etc.

Increase transparency and ease of ranking. Here the CSPPA mentions that ratings are often calculated according to not fully understood rules. The union mentioned that its methodology may change depending on the circumstances, but the criteria will always be in the public domain.

Introduce a more inclusive and dynamic rating system. The CSPPA notes that the scene ecosystem is constantly evolving and over time, changes in the rating methodology will be required – the union welcomes constructive criticism and suggestions “from any corner of the CS: GO world.”

More details on the criteria for counting can be found on the website of the trade union. CSPPA also presented the first version of the ranking – it included 40 teams.

Top 10 CSPPA Rankings:
Evil Geniuses;
Natus Vincere;
FURIA Esports;
G2 Esports;
Team Vitality;
Team Liquid;


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