Player Syman: “I do not think that by skill we are worse than other participants in the major”

Syman Gaming CS:GO roster Maxim t0rick Zaikin described the team’s goals at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. In an interview with HLTV, he also assessed the team’s progress over the past six months and told how the roster bootcamp will be held in front of the major.

About Syman Progress

“First of all, we got better in terms of tactics. Even with the advent of Nicholas Keoz Jus and the replacement of the captain with Sanjar neaLaN Ishkakov, we revised our views on how to develop, respond to certain situations, and added structures to our game. There is less chaos. “We learned how to deal with nervousness, which plays a big role on the LAN.”

About bootcamp

“We are leaving for bootcamp on August 9 from Kaliningrad. We will mainly work on the mistakes made on the minor, and add something new to the game. We’ll also take time to individual form. ”

About Major

“Going out for a major means a lot to us: we didn’t waste time. As for me: I am the first Azerbaijani who plays at such a high level.

I think we can handle it psychologically, and if not, the coach will help us. Stress is present, but we control it with the help of loved ones.

I do not think that by skill we are worse than the rest of the major. Our main goal is to remain in the preliminary stage [at the next tournament of the series] and show high-quality CS. ”

Syman Gaming, forZe and DreamEaters qualified for the major through the CIS Minor Championship – Berlin 2019. StarLadder Major will run from August 23 to September 8. 24 teams will play a million dollars.

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