Petr1k: “Vega will have very few chances against AVANGAR”

Alexander Petr1k Petrik stated that AVANGAR is the favorite in the match against Vega Squadron in the qualifiers for the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 on CS:GO. In a forecast for the Bookmakers Rating, he called the current Vega lineup a “failed project.”

“The current Vega Squadron roster is a failed project. The lineup, which looked promising on paper, failed all tournaments, which is why the Internet began to be full of rumors about the upcoming disband of the lineup. Probably qualifying for Moscow BLAST is the last chance for some players to realize themselves under the tag “sharks”.

I think that Vega will have very few chances in this match. AVANGAR probably want to get to Moscow BLAST, they are a favorite in this meeting, they train a lot and are not a bit inferior in any aspect of the game. If the Kazakhs want, they will not leave the “sharks” in this meeting a single chance. “

Closed qualifiers for BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 will be held online from August 10 to 11. Eight teams play two slots in the Play-In stage – there they will compete for a place in the main part of the championship. The beginning of the meeting between AVANGAR and Vega Squadron is scheduled for 10 August, 17:00 Moscow time.

BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 will be held on September 13-14 at the CSKA Arena venue. The winner of the qualifiers and six invited teams will play $ 250 thousand and 30 BPS points.

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