Petr1k on the valuation of the s1mple transfer at $ 4.45 million: “The price for it must be higher than the market price”

Analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik shared his opinion on the cost of transferring a player from Natus Vincere CS: GO roster Alexander s1mple Kostylev. The expert believes that $ 4.45 million will not be enough for the organization to want to sell Kostylev. He told about this in the Respawn podcast.


“It is absolutely logical that s1mple is expensive. All these prices are formed according to the formula that WePlay deduced based on the CS: GO world and its economy. But in any case, if they come to NAVI with a proposal, they will already form the player’s value based on their ideas, as well as market conditions. It is unlikely that NAVI wants to sell s1mple right now. Therefore, the price for it should be much higher than the market price ”.

Petr1k also assessed the current state of the CS: GO transfer market:

“CS now does not have such a transfer market as in football, where there is a clear price for each player. Yes, it can vary, but at least it can be adequately assessed. There is a system and professionals who are involved in cost estimation. And in CS it is all closed, firstly, and secondly, it is not very developed, because so far there are not many transfers taking place. More often free agents are transferred to teams. “

In addition, the analyst suggested that the system for buying young talent will become popular in the future:

“There have been a lot more transactions lately. I think there will be even more of them in the CS world in the future. The scheme of buying young talents and scouting will become more popular. Already now, in the conventional Denmark, all players showing some promise are signed by some academies or agencies. These players already have a value. The conditional North, if they want to buy such a player, will have to pay for him. “

On February 2, WePlay estimated the transfer value of the player of the Natus Vincere CS: GO roster Alexander s1mple Kostylev in the Esports Transfers issue. According to analysts’ calculations, the transfer of Kostylev will cost the clubs $ 4.45 million. This is a record cost of a player in the discipline.

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