Petr1k: “Historically, North has always been an unpleasant opponent for NAVI.” analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik gave a prediction for the group stage match of the ESL Pro League Season 11 CS: GO match between Natus Vincere and North. He noted that due to problems with the coronavirus, both teams train online, which makes it easier for the team of Philip aizy Aistrup to conduct this meeting from a psychological point of view without meeting with an opponent on the LAN. However, Petrik bet on the victory of NAVI.

“Na`Vi could not get together at the bootcamp. They will play in groups of 3: s1mple, Perfecto and B1ad3 from Kiev, and the rest from Moscow. I do not think that this will cause problems for the team. However, it is worth noting that Na`Vi has not played official matches online for a year and a half. Yes, the team is constantly training via the Internet, individual players perform on the FPL, but still sometimes it is easier for some fives to win on lans. Are Na`Vi Laners? I do not know.

North will clearly feel better online. And this is due more to their inability to transfer their form to lan tournaments, where psychology and self-confidence are often in the first place, rather than a game form. They didn’t achieve their goals in their last lans of North, but historically they have always been an unpleasant opponent for Na`Vi, (the last full-time meetings of the teams were a long time ago). ”

NAVI and Heroic will hold their first meeting in the framework of ESL Pro League Season 11. Petrik believes that the result of the match will be affected by the “superiority in individual skill and the incredible current form” of Alexander s1mple Kostylev’s team.


“In general, I’m making a dangerous bet today, but the odds will also be good. I think that North can create problems for the “born to win”. Especially considering that the match will be held online, and the navicers could not get together at the bootcamp. However, the superiority in individual skill and the incredible current form of “born to win” are also obliged to affect this meeting. Therefore, I will put Na`Vi on three cards to win. ”

ESL Pro League runs from March 16 to April 12.

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