Petr1k about replacing the captain in Team Vitality: “This did not affect the game, it even got a little better” analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik made a prediction for the CSL: ESL Pro League Season 11 group stage match between ENCE eSports and Team Vitality. He believes that the French team will triumph in this confrontation.

“ENCE looked very unintelligible in the first match (against Spirit). In principle, this has been typical of the Finns for the last six months (after the departure of Aleksib). At the ESL Pro League, a miracle did not happen: even in spite of permutations in the positions, a team from Finland has not been able to find their game yet.

Vitality has a different situation. And although the French also lost the captain (ALEX recently left the team of their own free will), this did not affect their game on the first day of the ESL Pro League, it got a little better. I did not expect such agility from the French, and they beat GODSENT with confidence, relying on communication and personal skill. GODSENT is also in good shape now, so a 2-0 victory over them is an indicator. ”

The analyst suggested that the team of Mathieu ZywOo Erbo will beat opponents with a score of 2: 0. He believes that ENCE and Team Vitality will play a key role.

“According to the maple at ENCE, I do not see suitable options for the peak. Most likely, they will choose Mirage, because on all other cards, either Vitality (Dust2, Nuke) is too strong, or ENCE (Overpass, Inferno) plays very poorly. So the mappule favors the quick victory of Vitality as much as possible. I put it 2-0 in their favor. ”

“Na`Vi lost the first match of the tournament to the North team, which has historically always been an uncomfortable opponent for the“ born to win ”. It immediately became apparent from the game that the form that the navigators on IEM Katowice had was not preserved until online games. The team did not manage to implement the game plan, often there was not enough time to play rounds, in general, it was not possible to interact and complement each other as perfectly as in Katowice. Therefore, North easily “controlled” the style of Na`Vi.


BiG is a completely different opponent, but no less dangerous. The Germans in the first round defeated Fnatic with a score of 2: 1, while they were not afraid to choose one of the strongest Fnatic cards, Inferno, as their peak. And they won! In general, BIG online look much more dangerous than on LAN. And so I am surprised by such odds from bookmakers.


As for me, Na`Vi is waiting for another very difficult game today. BiG is a creative team that is able to beat even top teams. Na`Vi online do not feel the best way, but, I am sure, they will gain from match to match. As for me, the most reliable bet on this fight is the victory of BiG on at least one map. I don’t think that those born to win will be able to easily cope with their opponent. ”

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