Perfecto: “Gospadarov and Topa were announced for all tournaments as substitutes”

Natus Vincere player Ilya Perfecto Zalutsky explained the appearance of Natus Vincere Junior member Kirill Gospadarov Gospadarov in the main roster at IEM Katowice 2021 CS: GO. According to Perfecto, the team initially announced Gospadarov and Alexey Topa Topchienko as substitutes.

In an interview with Maincast, Zalutsky also commented on the victory over in the first round of the IEM Katowice 2021 group stage:

“We were in the mood for the game, we knew what they would do. The first half did not go to Dust2 at all, although we knew there would be nothing supernatural. The usual split B, exit B. It was not possible to execute correctly, because of this they gave up their rounds, but in the attack they played their game and, as it turned out, did not give up a single round. Train also knew what to expect, so everything was under control. “

Perfecto noted that NAVI began to declare the participants of the second roster as substitutes even before Valery B1t Vakhovsky joined the main roster:

“The fact is that Gospadarov and also, in my opinion, Topa were entered for all tournaments even before B1t became the sixth participant in the first roster. They were reserve players who could help in case of any problems with the main team. Nobody reiterated Gospadarov, he was there for a long time. But the news came out only now, and everyone thought that we did it before the tournament. “

Zalutsky said that NAVI is already ready for the match against FURIA Esports. In the final of the group, he wants to meet with Team Vitality.

“We hope to beat FURIA Esports for the third time. There will be a game plan for them. The main thing is that there are no mistakes in execution, as it is today. And so we are ready. “

Natus Vincere defeated with a score of 2: 0 and advanced to the next round of the Group B Upper Bracket.

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