Perfecto: “Boombl4 is sick, plays with the temperature”

Natus Vincere player Ilya Perfecto Zalutsky commented on the victory over Cyber ​​Legacy at IEM New York Online 2020 in CS: GO. In an interview with Maincast studio, he explained why his team lost on the first map, and also spoke about the state of health of Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov.

Zalutsky noted that the team had not gathered for the beginning of the meeting at Inferno. In addition, in some moments NAVI was simply unlucky.

“We didn’t get together, probably, from the first round. We were under pressure and we couldn’t respond normally. I don’t know, it didn’t work – it happens. We are a team that loves to accelerate during the tournament. I hope it will. Overclocked normally in the past.

They didn’t do anything that we would not expect. These were regular calls, one might say scripted. It’s just that we started the game 4v5 very often, lost opening duels – it was already difficult to continue because of this. To be honest, I just had no luck. “

Perfecto stated that Boombl4 now has to play in official matches with high temperatures. Earlier, Mikhailov said that he could have contracted the coronavirus.

“Boombl4 is ill, plays with the temperature. But, in principle, Kirill, it seems to me, is already beginning to get used to this, he has very often this at tournaments lately. We are trying to support him. “

Natus Vincere defeated Cyber ​​Legacy 2: 1. In the next meeting, the Perfecto team will compete with K23 – the start of the game is scheduled for October 14, 18:30 Moscow time. Denis’s team seized Kostin will continue their performance at IEM New York 2020 in a match against forZe on October 15 at 15:00 Moscow time.


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