Perfect World launches servers with 128 tickrate for CS: GO matchmaking in China

Perfect World, which publishes CS:GO in China, has released a new client for local users that will allow them to play matchmaking on servers with an increased tick rate – 128 (instead of 64). The announcement states that players will also receive improved post-match statistics and a “transparent” rating system. Changes will not affect other regions.

The page of the new CS: GO client in China also mentions the anti-cheat PAC – Perfect World did not disclose details about it. At the same time, the VAC logo can still be seen on the promo images, which is why a number of users suggested that the Chinese company simply renamed the system.

Fans from other regions have been demanding changes in the tickrate of the official CS: GO servers for a long time from Valve, but the developers insist that such an upgrade will affect an unreasonably small percentage of the game’s fan base. The creators of the shooter claim that most users play with low FPS and therefore won’t be able to notice the difference in tickrate. Despite this, a few years ago, third-party sites that provide access to more productive servers became very popular – for example, FACEIT, which is used by most professional esports players.

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