PEA launch announcement

Operated League Aiming to be the NBA of eSports
Season 1 Begins January 2017
Sept. 8, 2016
Seven of the premier North American
eSports teams have joined together under the banner of the Professional
Association (PEA), to create an organization dedicated to professional
eSports and focused on bringing unprecedented benefits to pro players.
The PEA will commence operations of its
Strike: Global
(CS:GO) league in early January 2017 and will showcase the
performances of some of the most elite North American pro players. The
founding PEA team franchises are Team Solomid (TSM), Cloud9, Team Liquid,
Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Immortals, NRG eSports a
nd compLexity
“The PEA represents something new in eSports
an association of top teams
running their own league and sharing the profits and the decision
making with
the players,” said Jason Katz, PEA
Commissioner. “This has been the
architecture of traditional major sports leagues for many decades, but it is a
new evolution for eSports. This will allow us to finally build a stable, healthy,
term environment for the players, the community, the medi
a and the
weekly matches will be streamed live during the 10
week season.
Teams will compete for a prize pool of at least $1,000,000 for the first year
and $500,000 for Season 1.
“This marks the end of the ‘Wild West’ days of eSports,”
said Jack Etienne,
Cloud9 CEO. “The community and players want stability and dependability.
Leagues come and go, teams join them and depart, but with the PEA, the
teams are making a long
term commitment to be here, playing for the fans,
for the indefinite

The benefits to players in the PEA league are completely new in the world of
eSports. Players and owners will receive an equal 50% share of profits and
each caster will receive a share equal to a player. The PEA will also provide a
suite of fin
ancial benefits and services to the players, including retirement and
investment planning, health insurance and more.
“It’s time for leagues to share the rewards and strategic decisions with the
players,” said Andy Dinh, CEO of TSM, “and the best way for team
organizations to do that is for us to do it ourselves. The PEA is a vehicle for us
to work shoulder
shoulder wi
th the players, doing what we all love.”
Beyond financial benefits, PEA’s management structure will ensure that its pro
players have an authoritative voice in league operations. Player
representatives will sit on both a Rules Committee, which will provid
e guidance
on all important issues, including competition format, playing rules, and
prizing distribution and a Grievances Committee, which will certify that all
player concerns are heard and resolved in a timely manner.
“Publisher leagues and third
y tournament organizers aren’t sharing profits
with the players and teams,”
said Steve Arhancet co
CEO of Team Liquid.
“This is hindering the potential for eSports to rival other professional sports
leagues, where players and teams are all aligned to put o
n the best show year
after year.”
The PEA is represented by legal counsel O’Melveny & Myers.
To download the latest assets, please visit the following
The Professional eSports Association (PEA) is an association of North America’s elite professional eSports
team organizations. Founded in 2
016, PEA’s mission is to create a united pro eSports association where
owners and players work together and share profits together while creating the most compelling and
competitive matches for their fans. The league is based in Los Angeles.

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