OverDrive on the amnesty from Valve: “We also need to go through those VAC-bans that were issued by mistake”

Insider Alexei OverDrive Biryukov spoke about Valve’s decision to allow cybersportsmen with a VAC ban to participate in RMR series tournaments if more than five years have passed since the ban was received. In a YouTube video, Biryukov noted that this is not enough.

“This decision is not enough. Valve still needs to go through those VAC bans that were given dishonestly, by mistake. As long as the Valve support, who deals with this, he does nothing – in my understanding. I see no problem for Valve to single out one or two people who will work specifically with players who generally play at some level seven-pro.

In this regard, Valorant has a very big advantage, because there the developers work very closely with the players, with the pro-scene – they listen very much and adapt to what people from the professional scene tell them. This is really cool and captivating. Not even close in CS – rare tweets, reactions to some pro players. This is the best you can get from Valve. ”

Valve announced the rule change on April 15th. Then the developers noted that the rest of the prohibitions on the participation of players in RMR tournaments remained the same. Previously, Valve officially removed the VAC ban from Frenchman Jason Nguyen Kyojin Wang and allowed him to perform on the professional stage.

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