OverDrive: “NAVI will probably start winning the race when s1mple leaves the team”

Insider and former professional Counter-Strike player Alexei OverDrive Biryukov summed up the results of ESL One Cologne 2020 in CS: GO. In his opinion, Natus Vincere’s results can improve when Alexander s1mple Kostylev leaves the team, who “has already given everything to the team”. Biryukov wrote about this in his group on VKontakte.

“Navi will probably start winning at a distance when one not obvious event occurs – Simple leaves the team. For me personally, Sanya is the best player in the world without competition, but the feeling is that he has already given everything to the team, and the team has given everything to him. He is no longer interested in Navi, but how to train if not interesting ?! Simple will strengthen any team in the world, like Miber or Faze, and can even win the Major. And Navi will be called, for example, Jamie and, finally, they will start training and can also win the Major. These are all fantasies, it is clear that this will not happen, but I would look in a parallel universe at such a development of events. ”

ESL One Cologne 2020 took place online from August 18 to 30. Team Heroic became the champion of the tournament, defeating Team Vitality in the final with a score of 3: 0.


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