OverDrive knows new player names in Quantum Bellator Fire

Insider Alexey OverDrive Biryukov told who will be included in the new CS: GO Quantum Bellator Fire roster. He said that the team will be represented by five Danes. The organization has not officially announced the roster.

According to Biryukov, Danny BERRY Krueger, Matthias Maccen Madsen, Victor Staehr Staer, Niklas JarKo Rasmussen and Theis J3nsyy Jensen will play for the new QBF roster. Previously, esports players played for various mixes.

On the night of January 27, insider Jarek DeKay Lewis announced that Quantum Bellator Fire would sign the Danish roster. OverDrive later denied rumors of a new QBF roster. Then he said that the club does not negotiate with specific players.

Possible QBF squad:
Danny BERRY Kruger;
Matthias Maccen Madsen;
Victor Staehr Staer;
Niklas JarKo Rasmussen;
Tice J3nsyy Jensen.

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