OverDrive about sanctions against Hard Legion: “Some CIS RMR teams are joining in a kind of coalition”

Insider Alexei OverDrive Biryukov said that some clubs from the CIS will unite amid the scandal with the Hard Legion Esports CS: GO roster. According to him, the teams want to get penalties against HL. Biryukov wrote about this on VKontakte.

“Some CIS RMR teams are joining together in a coalition, from which an open letter will be written asking to impose penalties on Hard Legion players, up to disqualification from the tournament.”

OverDrive also agreed that the punishment should be received not only by the team’s coaches, but also by the players.

“On the one hand, I support this story, on the other hand, not very much. The fact that some kind of penalties for the players should follow is difficult to argue with. Without them, all these trainer bans make no sense. Penalizing the prize money and penalizing the RMR points is a completely normal punishment. But at the same time, the team must be allowed to the tournament, they will have an excellent opportunity to prove that the situation with the bug is just a misunderstanding. But if at all to leave everything as it is, without any fines and punishments, then the community will not understand or accept this. As for the open letter, it will not be counted by the people who will make the decision. That is, because this letter is not hot for them, not cold. As a lever of pressure on Valve, ESL or ECIS the letter doesn’t make any sense. “

On August 31, ESL and DreamHack reported that Coaches from Hard Legion Esports, MIBR and Heroic were using a spectator bug in official matches. Alexander MechanoGun Bogatyrev was banned from company tournaments for two years and was excluded from the roster.

CS: GO analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik analyzed the match between Natus Vincere and Hard Legion Esports at ESL One: Road to Rio in order to find out if HL players knew about the use of the bug by Alexander MechanoGun Bogatyryov, and also to find out if they received information from their coach. He published a video with analysis on YouTube.

Petr1k showed that he could see MechanoGun and how Hard Legion representatives reacted to key NAVI movements through the zones that the trainer was watching. On Overpass, Bogatyryov controlled the “water”, and on Dust2 – the respawn of the terrorists.

All three teams used a bug at RMR tournaments. The Hard Legion and Heroic coaches did it on ESL One: Road to Rio, and MIBR on cs_summit 6. The teams lost their prize money for these championships, but kept the earned qualifying points for the ESL One Rio 2020 Major.

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