“Our scene is full of talented players, it would be a crime to ignore this resource” – Enkanis, yXo and Strike about VP.Prodigy in CS: GO

WePlay! Studio caster Alexey yXo Maletsky, Alexander Enkanis Polishchuk and Yuri Strike Tereshchenko spoke about the prospects of Virtus.pro’s second CS: GO roster. In a comment for Cybersport.ru, they agreed that VP.Prodigy will become a kind of academy, due to which it will be possible to attract new young performers to the main team.

Enkanis believes that academies will help develop not only players but also coaches. Among the players VP.Prodigy Polishchuk singled out Vadim h1glaiN Tanasyuk.


“I have always welcomed the idea of ​​educating young teams in large organizations – this is an organic step on the path of brand development. The successes of the already forgotten North Academy, the tale of Gambit Youngsters, the development of this component in Natus Vincere, as well as VP.Prodigy’s breakthrough in Dota 2 are examples of successful management decisions in recent years.

The first impression of the second Virtus.pro roster may be ambiguous, because there are no well-known players in wide circles (unlike the same Dota 2 roster). However, it features the individually savvy and hungry guys who make the top ladders on FACEIT. With most of them, I once got into matches on this platform a long time ago. It will not come as a surprise to anyone if I single out Vadim h1glaiN Tanasyuka is a guy with a core, this should be in every up-roster. Our scene is full of talented players, it would be a crime to ignore this resource.

The main advantage of such stories is their financial affordability, a relatively small investment that can bring not only money, but also audience loyalty.

Another, extremely important for me component of the topic: academies or second lineups are an excellent help for the development of not only players, but also coaches. The number of young rosters increases the chances of more professionals appearing on the bridge, who will both fill their hands and manage to educate themselves together with the team. ”


“This is definitely a good undertaking, but with a lot of pitfalls. If the squad plans to exist up to the top 50, no problem, but if you mark it above, the overlaps with the first team begin. When signing the guys, I’m sure Virtus.pro have a clear plan and will stick to it.

Personally, it seems to me that this story will not be able to repeat the success of the Dota 2 roster, but it will still benefit the team. Basically, this is an academy, and its main purpose is to nurture players for the first team. We can only wish the guys good luck! “

YXo was not surprised that Virtus.pro signed a second Counter-Strike roster:


“In the case of Virtus.pro, the development of the CS: GO team is a logical and quite natural development, including the brand. When the management has a second squad, they can shuffle and shuffle the players. With this approach, the team will sooner or later bring up good performers or find them. In this sense, the second line-up is an excellent acquisition. “

On September 24, Virtus.pro announced the second CS: GO roster, which included esportsmen from Ukraine and Russia.

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