Olofmeister trained with FaZe Clan

Swedish player Olof olofmeister Kaibjer started training with the FaZe Clan CS: GO roster. A screenshot of the players on the closed server where the team fought mousesports was posted on reddit. Nikola NiKo Kovacs was absent from the training match. FaZe Clan or Kaibier have not announced his return to the squad.

Formerly HLTV portal. said G2 Esports and FaZe Clan are close to closing a deal to transfer Kovacs. Whom NiKo will replace in the lineup is unknown. Insider Guillaume neL Canelo, who first announced NiKo’s possible move, suggested that François AmaNEk Delaunay would leave the team.

Olofmeister left the FaZe Clan main roster at the end of May 2020. Then he said that he was very tired and lost motivation. Later, insider Jarek DeKay Lewis announced that Kaibier would not return to the team.

“Olofmeister may be a temporary solution for FaZe, but she needs a quality in-game leader in the distance.”

Analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik speculated about the prospects of Olof olofmeister Kaibier as part of FaZe Clan in CS: GO. In his opinion, for a long-term perspective, the team should consider other candidates. Petrik tweeted about this.

«It seems to me that Olofmeister may be a temporary solution for FaZe, but at a distance they need a quality in-game leader whom they trust and give time to join the team and change it.

AZR would fit well I think.»

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