OG sniper found de Kerven’s disease – his hands go numb during the game

OG CS: GO sniper Mateusz mantuu Wilczewski reported that he was diagnosed with de Kerven’s disease. Because of this, during past matches, he felt pain in the hand and could not comfortably control the mouse.

In an Instagram story, Wilczewski said he had been struggling with the disease since early June. He noted that for a full recovery he will need from 6 to 12 weeks, so during the holidays he will not be able to play CS: GO.

“Last month turned out to be difficult morally and physically. I was diagnosed with de Kerven’s disease on both hands, but on the right the situation is worse. In short, it is an inflammation of the tendons of the thumb. During the game, I stop feeling the brush or fingers – it is simply impossible to hold the mouse comfortably.

Every week I went to a physiotherapist, and he did everything possible to make me feel as little pain as possible during matches and training. I had to drink pain medication, warm up or cool my hands. The doctor said that I need to give up the game for the next 6-12 weeks in order to fully recover.

I will do everything to get rid of the disease and get back in shape by the end of the break. Today we received a disappointing defeat, but I want to thank the teammates for their continued support. See you after the holidays, take care. 2020 hit everyone. ”

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