OG seems to find a trainer for CS: GO roster

Former North and OpTic Gaming mentor Casper ruggah Dew may become OG CS: GO coach. The organization did not make an official announcement, but attentive fans have already noticed that the Dane has joined the team on the ESEA platform.

Earlier, insider Guillaume neL Canelo has already reported that OG is training with ruggah, although in the past, team representatives said they were not interested in working with a coach.

Ruggah began coaching in 2016, mentoring Team Dignitas, North and OpTic Gaming. The Dane spent most of his playing career at CS: Source, where he played for Copenhagen Wolves, Anexis eSports, Fnatic and other Scandinavian teams and mixes.

OG announced the CS: GO roster in December 2019. It included Nathan NBK Schmitt, Alexi Aleksib Virolainen, Waldemar valde Wangse, Issa ISSAA Murad and Mateusz mantuu Wilczewski. Until the end of the year, the team managed to speak only at cs_summit 5 in Los Angeles, where it reached the semifinals.

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